Pipeline Cleaning

ASR Pipeline Services Sdn Bhd services are based on the pigging products manufactured to support the pigging industry safely for the operators.

Product in terms of quality and commercially we ensure work done in successive manner. 

Whether operation cleaning, pre-commissioning cleaning, batching, swabbing, drying or any others, we are committed in delivering products with various models and interchangeable Bi-directional pigs including transmitters for onshore and subsea locators plus pipeline data loggers to support the industry.

ASR is committed to deliver to all our customers a complete solution towards making the cleaning of pipeline related services completed with quality and in timely manner.

Pipeline Geometry & Corrosion Inspection

ASR Pipeline Services Sdn Bhd Pipeline inspection services are in collaboration with service providers. 

Inspection can be made available using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), Ultrasonic (UT) and Electromagnetic Acoustics Transducer (EMAT) or even challenging pipelines using umbilical tools. 

Various sizes are offered for inspection mainly small sizes to big size such as >28in.

ASR Pipeline Services is always committed to deliver to all our customers according to needs or complete project related to pipeline business with experienced personnel and project management.

Pipeline Leak Detection

ASR Pipeline Services Sdn Bhd leak detection services is specialized in finding the location of the leaks/pinhole leaks in water and oil and gas markets.

With strong technology based on accoustic sensor, able to create an accoustic image of the pipeline. All noises during the run are recorded, capable in distinguishing the high frequency noises and recorded through out the run. Thus the smallest pinhole leak can be detected.  The approved leak detection rate has been measured with 6.8 l/h at 6bar pressure.

Compared to similar leak detection pigs the system can monitor an extended audible range of up to 64 kHz and allows a statement about the origin of a recorded noise. This improves not only the reliability, but also provides a tool for the operator that avoids false alarms.

Stress Method Inspection

ASR Pipeline Services Sdn Bhd is also offering inspection using Magnetometry Stress Method into the pipeline industry.

The technology was developed specially to cater for unpiggable pipeline inspection i.e.  sections which having limitations such as no launchers and receivers etc.

The inspection is considered as an alternative inspection currently for pipeline and carbon steel structures and widely used in the market to measure the integrity of assets.

ASR Pipeline Services is committed to deliver personnel and tools to cater inspection needs and fullfill areas which could not be covered using conventional pigging methods.

Mechanical Cleaning Work

ASR Pipeline Services Sdn Bhd is venturing into new offering using mechanical cleaning work for pipelines. 

The technology was developed specially to clean pipeline using blades or alternatively by water jetting. Pipelines which could not be cleaning using conventional pigging can opt to perform mechanical cleaning due to its limitations i.e. limited facilities.

ASR Pipeline Services is committed to recommend pipeliners to clean and service their pipelines from time to time based on their customs needs. 

Project Management

ASR Pipeline Services Sdn Bhd personnel has been involved in many years of project management work and experienced in executing any projects. Benefiting these vast experience, we are capable into delivering such projects including consultancy works not only limited to Inspection Management.

Having experienced with oil and gas companies in Asia Pacific region makes ASR Pipeline Services mature in responding to the market and react towards positive environment. 

ASR Pipeline Services always undertake and deliver projects such as in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia etc. and have been given the trust by the customers despite being young in the incorporations.

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