About ASR Pipeline Services

ASR is committed to provide a complete Advance, Safe and Reliable pipeline inspection solutions to the customers in an environmentally sustainable way.

ASR Pipeline Services have rapidly evolved and grown from strength to strength, a result of our vision to build networks of good business relationship. This is not an end in itself, but the means to better business insights. After all, the vibrancy of a business depends on its constitute elements (the stakeholders) with which it interacts and works for the ultimate betterment of the company. ASR Pipeline Services branding and ensuring long-term sustainability are key values in our team members. We are constantly reviewing and implementing strategic business processes by encouraging innovation in creating value added services for our client by exceeding their expectation with excellent result.

ASR Pipeline Services’s entrepreneurial spirit has created higher level of excitement within our employees and has driven the company into next lap of business venture.


Our core business activities includes

Pipeline product involves cleaning pigs, foamies, transmitters and receivers, data logger and other accories which can be coupled for inspection work

includes batching, drying and swabbing. Normal operation cleaning and special environment can be planned

Pipeline Geometry shall be required for pre-commissioning and pre ILI run. Predetermination of passage in ILI tools can be seen with Geo tools

Corrossion inspection can be done using Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), Ultrasonic (UT), or Electromagnetic  Accoustic Transducer (EMAT) tool

Pipeline Inspection Services using Megnetometry Method

Leak detection can be detected using sound technology for liquid pipelines

Unpiggable Inspection for non piggable pipelines due to limited facilities, multisize and others 

Pipeline Mechanical Cleaning for scales, wax using water jetting and other methods

Project Management and Consultancy work is offered due to vast experience in pumping, pigging and any pipeline associated work

We also connect people and companies for work related and perform marketing

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